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Par Le Moutchic
Route De Longarisse

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Latitude: 44.983864
Longitude: -1.132150

The "Bordeaux" fleet is based at Camping du Tedey near Lacanau in the Medoc.

We are a transient group who all take our holidays in tents and caravans at the campsite between May and September, with the larger numbers being in residence during parts of June & July. Some of us are very boring and have been going for 30+ years. The fleet really probably started during the heydays of Mirrors.

Most of the boats are stored at a compound just a couple of miles away and are insured by WHIC who are very helpful in being able to insure whilst stored in France.

We generally try to sail as a group altho' there are a couple of real lightweights who seem to sail away from us heavyweights in the very light winds we normally see. We attempt to sail at about 1500 each day unless we are on a chateau visit in the area. The course usually consists of somebody deciding which buoy we are going to sail to around the lake and then waiting until everybody catches up.There are invariably some very interesting winds and wind shifts as the afternoon breeze strengthens and comes off the land from the Atlantic 3km away. The "winner" then chooses which is the next buoy and we set off in reverse order of arrival. Very sociable.

We are anything up to 8 boats and there are more coming into the fleet each year. This year as has been mentioned in chat, 1905 has joined, altho' the owners Dad has sailed 1708 for many years. 1949 has also joined the fleet following the sale of 1223 at the campsite. This is also staying at Le Tedey.

There are a couple of Sparks owned by some Dutch friends and this year we were joined by another Spark from Germany. We believe the prices obtained in Holland and Germany for second hand boats is unbelievably high.

However that is a relatively brief insight into the Bordeaux fleet, and of course if anybody else is interested then I am more than happy to talk to them about the boats, the campsite, or even the wine!!

Regards and good sailing Chris Prior (1706)

PS We do not attend the races because it is a long way to go to collect the boat. I have attended a number of events at Seasalter, Herne Bay and Whitstable as an interested spectator and it always makes me think as I see Sprints going away for the weekend on the A2.

Boats on the shore

Boats on the shore