You can have fast, good and cheap. Choose three.

Thinking of joining us? Please do. Many have. Perhaps the many attractions that make our versatile craft the second most popular catamaran in the UK will also appeal to you. Here they are:-

Beginners Welcome

With professional tuition at the Cat Clinic or our own Teach-In you can quickly get up to speed, and with a boat designed to minimise moving parts you can maximise your concentration on sailing.


Over 1900 boats have been sold in the UK. So you can get keen club racing in your own class all over the country, every weekend in the sailing season. Take advantage of a busy nation-wide 'Travellers Trophy' events circuit. Try your luck at our National Championships, held in August at popular seaside locations.

Family Fun

The boat is designed so everyone can sail it, mums and dads, lads and lasses all.


For good reason we are known as a friendly class. Tips are shared and helping hands to get you afloat and ashore.

Good Investment

Used boats normally go like hotcakes in the season. Apart from worn sails and battens, barring accidents, there is not much that can go wrong that needle and thread or a tube of Gelcoat cannot easily fix.

Hassle-free Sailing

Car topping, simple rigging and maintenance free GRP construction all minimise the things that cost money and take up time that you would rather spend afloat.


You don't have to be a gorilla to haul in the 7 to 1 mainsheet blocks or lug your 100Kg Fifteen up the beach. This one is for the ladies too. Indeed one year we had a lady champ.


Not only is the Sprint Fifteen as stable a platform as any catamaran. It is safer than many as it only takes one person to right it with ease. Furthermore, experienced Fifteen sailors revel in high winds when other cats prefer to stay ashore.


Sprint Fifteen is an unusual three-in-one cat. Sail single-handed unarigged or two-up with jib and race on equal terms off PY 926, or Sport alone with both sails and trapeze off PY 894 rather than trading up to a bigger boat.


Want to try for yourself? Just contact David Ball , he will be happy to fix you up with a demo. Alternatively, use our Clubs page to find your nearest Fifteen sailors.