Racing Rules

Introductory Rules for Racing - An abridged and simplified set of rules. Created by ISAF back in 2008 but still a good place to start.
Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2021-2024 - The official and definitive rules document from World Sailing.
RYA Prescriptions to the RRS 2021-2024 - These are UK-specific modifications to the World Sailing RRS.
iOS App and Android App - Official app from World Sailing that puts the full RRS and other related resources onto your mobile device.
Sailing instructions - Published for each club and each open event. These may also amend some RRS. For sprint 15 TTs and Nationals refer to specific event page.
"Play the Rules" by Uli and Wolfi Finckh - Interactive web-based quiz to test your rules knowledge.

Articles from the Association magazine

The following articles were originally printed in the Associations magazine, and are worth reading if you want to get the best out of your boat.

Stay Tooned! Paul Smith provides a clear and comprehensive guide to tuning your boat for best performance (April 1997).
Looking Good! Paul's follow on article gives good advice on racing technique including the most important tip of all (there's a clue in the title...) (February 2000).
The Need For Speed! Paul Smith gives good tips on how to get your boat round the race course as quickly as possible (Autumn 2001).
Sailing in a Blow George Carter describes how to sail safely and get the best out of your Dart 15 in strong winds (June 1997).
Redbullet Supercharge your Sprint 15 by George Carter (PDF format) George Carter describes tweeks you can do to your boat to make it sail better (from Spring 2004)
Redbullet Tacking in Heavy Wind (PDF format) by Paul Smith (June 2003)
Redbullet Fitting Instructions for the Bainbridge 25CTJM Batten Tension Adjuster – by Keith Newnham (December 2006)
Redbullet Major Hull Damage Repair - by Brian Phipps (December 2006)
Redbullet Hull Colour Restoration by Paul Smith (November 2003)
Redbullet Using Main and Traveller by Bob Carter and Paul Smith (November 2005)
Redbullet Leaky Masts by Bob Carter (April 2004)
Redbullet The Racing Rules by Nick Dewhirst (November 2003)
Redbullet Rudder Service by Brian Phipps
Redbullet Rudder Maintenance by Matt Smith
Redbullet Step your mast single-handed by Bob Carter (June 2003)
Redbullet Single-handed boat handling techniques by Brian Phipps (Autumn 2009)
Redbullet Sailing in a swell by Brian Phipps (Autumn 2011)
Redbullet Keeping your hulls on-line by Brian Phipps (Autumn 2009)
Redbullet Trollies and trailers by Brian Phipps (Spring 2014)
Redbullet Sailing 2 up by Brian Phipps (Autumn 2013)
Redbullet Front row starts by Brian Phipps (Spring 2016)
Redbullet Starting at the pin end by Brian Phipps (Spring 2011)
Redbullet Fitting an outboard to a Sprint 15

Further Tips

Here's some further sailing tips contributed by experienced Dart 15 sailors:

George Stephen's comprehensive Trampoline article - explains why this often overlooked part of your boat is so important
How to put up your mast single handed
Bob Carter's tips on how to repair a sail batten
Bob Carter's Race Training Hints
Downhill (downwind) sailing
Uphill (upwind) sailing
Heavyweight sailing
Sprint sailing
Redbullet How to Fit New Trampoline Tracks
Redbullet How to Right An Inverted Sprint 15
Redbullet Forestay Rig Tension (Chat Post by George C.)
Redbullet Rig measurements (external site)
Redbullet Hoisting the main sail