How to put up your Mast Single handed

Rigging the mast single handed is a piece of cake. This is the drill:

1) get the boat off the trailer. Put the trolley under the stern of the boat (just behind the skegs) so it points down at the bow.

2) put the mast in postion with the mast pin (or a screwdriver) through the ball fitting.

3) rig the hounds fitting, the shrouds at both ends and the forestay fitted to the hounds and free at the bottom. Make sure they all lay straight without twists.

4) put the bridle on the boat completely rigged with the furling reel together with about 1 metre length of strong 4mm line on the shackle above the furling gear.

5) stand on the trampoline and lift mast to the vertical position.

6) step off front beam grabbing the forestay to hold the mast up. The forward attitude of the boat helps greatly as the mast falls forward against he shrouds.

7) bend over and pick up the 4mm line and thread it through the loop at the bottom of the forestay.

8) lean over and pull out the mast pin while holding the 4mm line. Complete the threading of the 4mm line through the shackle above the furling gear and the loop at the bottom of the forestay until you have 4, 5 or 6 purchase rigging. Tighten the purchase until the mast just swivels freely without excessive slack (most of us grease the top of the ball joint so the mast turns freely and the rigging can be tighter).

9) tie off the string and think " how easy it all was".

Note: The 3rd (or 4th) hole down on the shroud adjuster plates is a great place to be. Most of us have shortened the forestay a couple of inches to enable the use of the bit of string in this position. Just have the bottom loop cut off at the ferrule and a new loop made by a chandler. Get him to use a large loop (like to ones on Laser Center shrouds) so there is more room for threading the line through.

Bob Carter