Tips - uphill (upwind) sailing

Do not let your tell-tails dictate.
Ignore the woolies and develop "feel".
Set the traveller 3"-4" off midships.
Do not pull hard down on the downhaul.
Go for maximum speed at all times.
Go for clear wind.
Sail inside the triangle.
Never follow the leaders.
If you do follow the leaders, tack before they do.
If you are leading, cover by tacking when the followers tack.
To lay the mark on the opposite tack : Turn your head to the stern as far as you can without twisting your trunk (=45o) and then turn your eyes behind you (=45o). Then if you can see the mark, tack immediately.
Better tack early than late. You might just get that lift.
When going through the wind keep your weight over the skeg on the side of your present tack until your bows go through and then nip smartly across.
Treat the haul up to wind as a switchback. In the lulls get your weight forward and go down the hill. In the gusts get your weight out horizontally and get on the hill.
When leaning out twist at the trunk and look forward. At the same time lean forward and get your weight in front of the shroud. If it gusts get your weight out horizontal astride the shroud. If it hoolies let the traveller off and as a last resort sheet out. (Try not to luff in a cat).
Never grip the tiller. Always hold the tiller between finger and thumb and next to your ear over your stern shoulder. If you have to grip, you're out of trim and need to adjust your weight to get the resistance of the boat under the effort of the sail - so get your weight forward - then you start to fly a hull - so get your weight out and screw up to wind. If you are still holding the tiller between finger and thumb you're sailing by the tips of your fingers and the seat of your pants and you'll be bound to do well.