How to Right An Inverted Sprint 15 catamaran

This is the technique to right an inverted Sprint 15:

Frank Righting from an Inversion


  1. If the boat is inverted spend a little time on the upside-down trampoline sorting things out.
  2. Uncleat the main sheet (and the jib sheets if a jib is being used).
  3. Take the main halyard out of the tramp pocket (underneath the tramp) and thread it round one hull (say the most windward hull e.g the port hull) under water and bring it up on the outside of the hull. DO NOT USE THE RIGHTING LINE IN THE FRONT BEAM - IT IS TOO SHORT.
  4. Take the halyard across to the opposite hull (e.g the starboard hull) and stand right at the back of the hull just in front of the rudder.
  5. Hold on to the halyard and use it for stability - lean back a little if you can, so that the halyard is pulling up the port hull while your body weight is sinking the rear of the starboard hull. Hold this position for some time. Nothing happens quickly as the sail needs to be pulled through the water.
  6. When the hull that you are standing on is pointing up at about 40 degrees work your way forwards (uphill) slowly using the halyard to pull on and you will find that the boat is now resting on its side.
  7. Lean back and pull the boat upright. If the wind is very strong and the mast is pointing into wind you can be in danger of capsizing the boat the other way as the wind catches the mainsail as the boat is righted. This can be avoided by turning the bows into wind before righting it. To do this, while the boat is on it's side, walk forward and stand in front of the front beam. This submerges the bow and the boat will turn into wind, slowly. So stand and wait for it to turn and then move back, lean back and right the boat.
  8. As the boat comes upright you end up in the water between the hulls. Grab onto the beam (or the tramp handle) to prevent the boat capsizing on the other side.
  9. Hoist yourself onto the boat over the front beam. I find it helpful to do this in the corner between the beam & the windward hull and then to pull myself on the boat using the toe strap.
  10. Spend a bit of time sorting out the ropes before sailing off again.

Obviously if the boat is just on its side you just miss out steps (c) & (d).
Give it a try - it is easier than you would think.

Bob Carter

Righting an inverted catamaran

Righting an inverted catamaran - click for video