Points Summary


Points: How they are awarded

Points are allocated to your overall score using a number of rules depending on what you have acheived. This page explains what you get points for and the number of points awarded for each element. The actual calculation for a human would actually be fairly simple but extremely labourious since you need to reference a ton of data better trust the computer to do it!.


Trophies is where there are lots of points to be won! People who have lots of trophies tend to be well up the ranking ladder. Trophy points are awarded based on the trophies prestiege value (as defined by the webmaster!).

Trophy Points Summary

Trophy Points Awarded
Major Service to the Fleet1500
National Champion1000
Summer TT Champion1000
Sport National Champion900
Runner Up Nationals500
Single Handed National Champion500
Winter Series500
Una or Two Up Summer TT Champion500
Summer TT Sport Champion500
Sport Runner-up at Nationals400
Two Up National Champion300
Ladies National Champion250
Heavyweight Helm250
50 Plus National Champion250
Pro-Am at Nationals250
Most Improved at Nationals250
Winning Team at Nationals250
Southern Champion250
Northern Champion250
Inland Champion250
60 Plus National Champion250
Youth National Champion250
Most Persistent Finisher at Nationals250
Sprint Pro-Am250
Race 1 Nationals100
Race 2 Nationals100
Race 3 Nationals100
Race 4 Nationals100
Race 5 Nationals100
Race 6 Nationals100
Race 7 Nationals100
Race 8 Nationals100
Race 9 Nationals100
Inland Una or Two-Up Champion100
Inland Sport Champion100
Grafham Cat Open Winner50
Long Distance Race25
Over the Top Action at Nationals20
Charmed Competitor at Nationals20
Grafham Cat Open - 1st Grafham Club Member0

Total Trophy Points Available: 12065

National Events

Nationals events are mines of points with LOTS of trophies available and a lot of points on offer for all attendees! The following table tells you what the national points are awarded for. Thus a nationals event is a good choice of event for the person starting out on their points quest.

Award Points Comments
Nationals Attendance50Awarded for attending the nationals event
Nationals Placing Bonus(Event Attendance+1)-Your finishing positionThis is the number of points awarded to you for your finishing position, better placed you are the better the points
Top 3 Bonus20If you placed in the top 3 in the event you qualify for this
Race Top 10 Bonus10If you placed in the top 10 in a race you qualify for this, awarded per race!
Subcompetition Bonus25If you placed in the top 3 in a Sub-Competition (ie heavyweights, ladies etc) you qualify for this
Most Improved Bonus40If you placed in the top 3 in the Most Improved competition you qualify for this
Most Persistent Bonus50If you are the most persistent competitor then you get this, note this recognises people before the trophy came into existance in 2008
Pro-Am PRO Bonus5Awarded to the top 3 PRO's in the pro-am competition in a nationals
Pro-Am AM Bonus10Awarded to the top 3 AM's in the pro-am competition in a nationals


TT Events

The TT events allow you to gain more points for example you gain points for your attendance and your placing just as in the nationals, so the more people who attend an event the more points there are available. You will also find that certain events also have trophies available to win. With points and trophies available for overall series results as well a veritable mine of improved ranking opportunities await the dedicated event go-er.

Award Points Comments
Attendance30Awarded for attending an event
Placing Bonus(Number of Attendees+1)-Finishing PlaceAwarded based on your position within the event, more points the higher up you are
Firsts Bonus15Awarded for winning a fleet in an event
Top 10 Bonus10Awarded for achieving a top 10 handicap finish in a series overall
Top 3 Una\Two Up Fleet Bonus20Awarded for achieving a top 3 finish in the Una\Two Up Fleet in a series overall
Top 3 Sport Fleet Bonus15Awarded for achieving a top 3 finish in the Sport Fleet in a series overall