All Time Sprint 15 Leaderboard

All Time Sprint 15 Leaderboard

This leaderboard details the people who have competed in any of the associations events since 2007 and all trophy winners since 1980. The points awarded reflect how well they have done.

Competitors with their club set to RYA means we don't know what their club is or rather was, hopefully over time we'll be able to eliminate these entries and set their correct club.

An explanation of how points are awarded is available here.

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Rank Name Club Points Progress
1George CarterMooredale Sailing Club 45159 ranksame
2Stuart SnellGrafham Water Sailing Club 33019 ranksame
3Paul GrattageEast Down Yacht Club 22019 ranksame
4Bob CarterGrafham Water Sailing Club 19985 ranksame
5Liam ThomShanklin Sailing Club 17251 ranksame
6John PostlethwaiteBeaver Sailing Club 16926 ranksame
7Jenny BallMarconi Sailing Club 16582 ranksame
8Steve SawfordRutland Water Sailing Club 13210 ranksame
9Kevin DutchSeasalter Sailing Club 12949 ranksame
10Erling HolmbergShanklin Sailing Club 11441 ranksame
11Sean McKennaShanklin Sailing Club 9849 ranksame
12Roger HodgkinsonHerne Bay Sailing Club 8650 ranksame
13Nick DewhirstWhitstable Yacht Club 8395 ranksame
14Mike CemmSwanage Sailing Club 8317 ranksame
15Mark AldridgeGrafham Water Sailing Club 8312 ranksame
16Ed Tuite DaltonDraycote Water Sailing Club 7673 ranksame
17Gordon GoldstoneQueen Mary Sailing Club 7406 ranksame
18David BallMarconi Sailing Club 7301 ranksame
19Steve HanbyBeaver Sailing Club 6878 ranksame
20George LoveCarsington Sailing Club 6655 ranksame
21Charles WatsonHalifax Sailing Club 6489 ranksame
22Chris TillyerThorpe Bay Yacht Club 5465 ranksame
23Paul CraftWorthing Sailing Club 4969 ranksame
24Robin LeatherGurnard Sailing Club 4857 ranksame
25George StephenQueen Mary Sailing Club 4673 ranksame
26Jon PearseMarconi Sailing Club 4659 ranksame
27Kyle StonehamThorpe Bay Yacht Club 4606 ranksame
28Phil NealBeaver Sailing Club 4032 ranksame
29Ray GallCarsington Sailing Club 3928 ranksame
30Kevin KirbyMarconi Sailing Club 3898 ranksame
31Thomas SandalGrafham Water Sailing Club 3605 ranksame
32Derek JamesDraycote Water Sailing Club 3570 ranksame
33Brian PhippsRestronguet Sailing Club 3530 ranksame
34Peter RichardsonMarconi Sailing Club 3491 ranksame
35Fraser ManningBeaver Sailing Club 3384 ranksame
36Robert EnglandRYA 3320 ranksame
37Simon GilesShanklin Sailing Club 3260 ranksame
38Robert FinchStewartby Water Sports Club 3111 ranksame
39Hector BunclarkNorth Devon Yacht Club 3001 ranksame
40Paul SmithBeaver Sailing Club 2949 ranksame
41Jason ClarkeMarconi Sailing Club 2940 ranksame
42Jon FinchStewartby Water Sports Club 2938 ranksame
43Linda MossGrafham Water Sailing Club 2850 ranksame
44Howard HawkesSnettisham Beach SC 2819 ranksame
44 =Simon FarthingGrafham Water Sailing Club 2819 ranksame
46Chris BlackGrafham Water Sailing Club 2810 ranksame
47Robert MiltonGurnard Sailing Club 2750 ranksame
48Jan ElfringDraycote Water Sailing Club 2677 ranksame
49Peter SlaterDraycote Water Sailing Club 2644 ranksame
50Keith ChidwickQueen Mary Sailing Club 2627 ranksame
51Laurie GustarGurnard Sailing Club 2548 ranksame
52Jim JefferySandwich Bay Sailing Club 2521 ranksame
53David GroomChristchurch Sailing Club 2500 ranksame
54Nigel JamesMarconi Sailing Club 2436 ranksame
55Jim BowieThorpe Bay Yacht Club 2434 ranksame
56Frank SandellsGrafham Water Sailing Club 2407 ranksame
57Gerry LewinIsle of Sheppy Sailing Club 2400 ranksame
58Robin NewboldCarsington Sailing Club 2362 ranksame
59Steve HealyThorpe Bay Yacht Club 2338 ranksame
60Simon HareOxford Sailing Club 2241 ranksame
61John ManningBeaver Sailing Club 2201 ranksame
62Stewart PegumOxford Sailing Club 2126 ranksame
63Yvonne PikeShanklin Sailing Club 2081 ranksame
64Tim Dieu de BellefontaineMarconi Sailing Club 2075 ranksame
65A WorbyRYA 2000 ranksame
66Stuart PierceShanklin Sailing Club 1924 ranksame
67Sophia McKennaShanklin Sailing Club 1845 ranksame
68Sam HeatonNorth Devon Yacht Club 1818 ranksame
69Paul BerryStewartby Water Sports Club 1750 ranksame
70Eamonn BrowneMarconi Sailing Club 1748 ranksame
71Keith PersinThorpe Bay Yacht Club 1741 ranksame
72Robin BoardmanHalifax Sailing Club 1736 ranksame
72 =Martyn EllisThorpe Bay Yacht Club 1736 ranksame
74Richard PhilpottColne Yacht Club 1724 ranksame
75Ian MounceNorth Devon Yacht Club 1720 ranksame
76Steve PettsGrafham Water Sailing Club 1715 ranksame
77Annette PriceNorth Devon Yacht Club 1650 ranksame
78Len FlynnSandwich Bay Sailing Club 1628 ranksame
79Eric SalesSeasalter Sailing Club 1608 ranksame
80Andy BunyanStewartby Water Sports Club 1572 ranksame
81Pat OxleyRYA 1550 ranksame
82Peter SherwinStone Sailing Club 1536 ranksame
83Jeremy WhiteEmsworth Sailing Club 1521 ranksame
84Phil BreezeCalshot Sailing Club 1500 ranksame
84 =The Cocks FamilyPentewan Sands Sailing Club 1500 ranksame
86Rob BaileyThorpe Bay Yacht Club 1495 ranksame
87Keith BallGrafham Water Sailing Club 1488 ranksame
88Gerald SverdloffThorpe Bay Yacht Club 1416 ranksame
89Gary SverdloffThorpe Bay Yacht Club 1411 ranksame
90Keith NewnhamShanklin Sailing Club 1362 ranksame
91Martin SearleSeasalter Sailing Club 1344 ranksame
92Fenella MillerMarconi Sailing Club 1304 ranksame
93C LewnsRYA 1300 ranksame
94Jacob AldridgeGrafham Water Sailing Club 1297 ranksame
95Peter EwingNorth Devon Yacht Club 1294 ranksame
96Paul RobertsDee Sailing Club 1290 ranksame
97Gary BurrowsThorpe Bay Yacht Club 1264 ranksame
98Andrew BerisfordBrightlingsea Sailing Club 1262 ranksame
99Terry PostlethwaiteBeaver Sailing Club 1250 ranksame
100Geoff TindaleStone Sailing Club 1233 ranksame
101Christine RomanShanklin Sailing Club 1217 ranksame
102Keith HeasonNorth Devon Yacht Club 1191 ranksame
103Tom GallCarsington Sailing Club 1184 ranksame
104David LloydStokes Bay Sailing Club 1161 ranksame
105Angus CookNorth Devon Yacht Club 1156 ranksame
106Kevin MorrisGrafham Water Sailing Club 1139 ranksame
107Dave ClarkeMarconi Sailing Club 1120 ranksame
108George WoodGrafham Water Sailing Club 1079 ranksame
109Barrie HoggardBeaver Sailing Club 1072 ranksame
109 =John ShentonShanklin Sailing Club 1072 ranksame
111John LaliberteThorpe Bay Yacht Club 1068 ranksame
112Gordon DeuceBrightlingsea Sailing Club 1054 ranksame
113Steve RobertsDee Sailing Club 1052 ranksame
113 =William TustingGrafham Water Sailing Club 1052 ranksame
115Donald SloanBrightlingsea Sailing Club 1051 ranksame
116Daren FitchewThorpe Bay Yacht Club 1036 ranksame
117Richard ChidwickNorth Devon Yacht Club 1018 ranksame
118Maurice MattisonBeaver Sailing Club 1000 ranksame
118 =S TellwrightRYA 1000 ranksame
118 =Hilary Dieu de BellefontaineMarconi Sailing Club 1000 ranksame
118 =N CrooksRYA 1000 ranksame
122Roger BoneNorth Devon Yacht Club 962 ranksame
122 =James HurstGrafham Water Sailing Club 962 ranksame
124Liam BunclarkNorth Devon Yacht Club 941 ranksame
125Scott WilcoxStewartby Water Sports Club 914 ranksame
126Tom RosomanRestronguet Sailing Club 900 ranksame
127Samuel RowellFelixstowe Ferry Sailing Club 882 ranksame
128Charlie PierceShanklin Sailing Club 871 ranksame
129Chris MurphyYaverland Sailing and Boat Club 870 ranksame
130Robert WilsonStone Sailing Club 855 ranksame
131Anthony DrakeSandwich Bay Sailing Club 850 ranksame
132Simon RowellFelixstowe Ferry Sailing Club 837 ranksame
133Mark BunyanStewartby Water Sports Club 828 ranksame
134Dan BurkillBeaver Sailing Club 800 ranksame
135Michelle FisherGurnard Sailing Club 764 ranksame
135 =Neil ParkhurstBeaver Sailing Club 764 ranksame
137Jerry HampshireCarsington Sailing Club 750 ranksame
137 =Richard HanbyBeaver Sailing Club 750 ranksame
137 =John AdamsonRed Wharf Bay Sailing Club 750 ranksame
140Steve LittlejohnsSwanage Sailing Club 724 ranksame
140 =Keith BartlettOpen Dinghy Club 724 ranksame
142Jemma ClarkeMarconi Sailing Club 718 ranksame
143Philip WarnerDraycote Water Sailing Club 682 ranksame
144Mark HollisSeasalter Sailing Club 669 ranksame
145Robert WayNorth Devon Yacht Club 668 ranksame
146Matt SmithBeaver Sailing Club 661 ranksame
147Bill HurrDraycote Water Sailing Club 658 ranksame
148Anthony GrayNorth Devon Yacht Club 655 ranksame
148 =Peter LyttonPapercourt Sailing Club 655 ranksame
150Mark NormanStewartby Water Sports Club 652 ranksame
151Colin PriceNorth Devon Yacht Club 650 ranksame
152Aaron KirbyRoyal Western Yacht Club 648 ranksame
153Alex RaymontNorth Devon Yacht Club 644 ranksame
154Peter SlaterDraycote Water Sailing Club 633 ranksame
155Martin ScottGurnard Sailing Club 620 ranksame
156Ian MillsSeasalter Sailing Club 618 ranksame
157Skip AtkinsMarconi Sailing Club 603 ranksame
158Bob BakerShanklin Sailing Club 601 ranksame
159Andrew HannahThorpe Bay Yacht Club 598 ranksame
160Wayne SilverNorth Devon Yacht Club 578 ranksame
161Andy PerksMarconi Sailing Club 577 ranksame
162Tom GurneyRoyal Western Yacht Club 564 ranksame
163Kevin ParvinPenmaenmawr Sailing Club 555 ranksame
163 =Steven TunnacliffeHalifax Sailing Club 555 ranksame
165Simon MilesStewartby Water Sports Club 551 ranksame
166John HolmesSeasalter Sailing Club 549 ranksame
167Catherine FarthingGrafham Water Sailing Club 548 ranksame
168Andrew HeathNorth Devon Yacht Club 545 ranksame
169Richard HarrisonNetley Sailing Club 536 ranksame
170Steve DavisonHalifax Sailing Club 529 ranksame
171Carl BlenkinsopGurnard Sailing Club 520 ranksame
172Roger AckroydWitham Sailing Club 502 ranksame
173Paul TannerShanklin Sailing Club 501 ranksame
174Colin KidnerMarconi Sailing Club 500 ranksame
175Richard WhitelockGrafham Water Sailing Club 498 ranksame
176John LongSeasalter Sailing Club 495 ranksame
177Simon FleetNorth Devon Yacht Club 489 ranksame
178Ben TunnacliffeHalifax Sailing Club 483 ranksame
179Dave CasaleQueen Mary Sailing Club 482 ranksame
180Mark PritchardShanklin Sailing Club 479 ranksame
181Lee GartonMarconi Sailing Club 469 ranksame
182David GrantNorth Devon Yacht Club 458 ranksame
183David RoweDraycote Water Sailing Club 452 ranksame
184Alan GrantThorpe Bay Yacht Club 444 ranksame
185Jack TurnbullSeasalter Sailing Club 432 ranksame
186Daren FitchewThorpe Bay Yacht Club 429 ranksame
187Joe BakerIsle of Sheppy Sailing Club 420 ranksame
188John BainbridgeSeasalter Sailing Club 411 ranksame
189Paul ShieldsSeasalter Sailing Club 409 ranksame
190Theresa RyallThorpe Bay Yacht Club 406 ranksame
191Geoff HowlettShanklin Sailing Club 402 ranksame
192David WarrenNorth Devon Yacht Club 396 ranksame
193Finlay CullenderThorpe Bay Yacht Club 393 ranksame
194Christian MashGrafham Water Sailing Club 390 ranksame
195Adrian WhaleySwanage Sailing Club 375 ranksame
196Sam WhaleySwanage Sailing Club 371 ranksame
197Jon SalterBeaver Sailing Club 359 ranksame
198Duncan FordThorpe Bay Yacht Club 358 ranksame
199David WarnockRYA 350 ranksame
200Joe SpencerRoyal Western Yacht Club 348 ranksame
200 =Annette MaddisonNorth Devon Yacht Club 348 ranksame
202Ben PennyNorth Devon Yacht Club 344 ranksame
203Roger PimmThorpe Bay Yacht Club 342 ranksame
204Bethan DavisNetley Sailing Club 340 ranksame
205Trevor Bulmer-JonesNetley Sailing Club 333 ranksame
205 =Tony MurrantShanklin Sailing Club 333 ranksame
207Eric EvansNorth Devon Yacht Club 331 ranksame
208Ian HopeDraycote Water Sailing Club 330 ranksame
209Jeremy RoweNorth Devon Yacht Club 329 ranksame
209 =Kevin DowleyMarconi Sailing Club 329 ranksame
211Penny SleeNorth Devon Yacht Club 326 ranksame
212Graham DareThorpe Bay Yacht Club 320 ranksame
213Ant ClayDraycote Water Sailing Club 319 ranksame
214Ian ParkhurstBeaver Sailing Club 317 ranksame
215Stephen PellDraycote Water Sailing Club 316 ranksame
216Eamonn QuigleyGrafham Water Sailing Club 315 ranksame
217Andrew McLeishCarsington Sailing Club 314 ranksame
218Dave TurnbullSeasalter Sailing Club 310 ranksame
219Bob RowntreeGrafham Water Sailing Club 301 ranksame
220Mark SandersHerne Bay Sailing Club 300 ranksame
220 =G SmithRYA 300 ranksame
220 =Ken HarveyRYA 300 ranksame
220 =Rob BoswijkRutland Water Sailing Club 300 ranksame
220 =Nick TaylorCarsington Sailing Club 300 ranksame
225Ian WilkinsonShanklin Sailing Club 298 ranksame
225 =Micheal RobertshawBeaver Sailing Club 298 ranksame
227Stefan SmithThorpe Bay Yacht Club 295 ranksame
228Mark PattenStewartby Water Sports Club 292 ranksame
229Andy PhillipsFiley Sailing Club 291 ranksame
230Jeremy FranklinDraycote Water Sailing Club 290 ranksame
230 =Karl PountneyStewartby Water Sports Club 290 ranksame
232Colin RiggThorpe Bay Yacht Club 285 ranksame
233Dane StanleyNorth Devon Yacht Club 283 ranksame
234Jon NealeStewartby Water Sports Club 281 ranksame
235Alex VarnavaQueen Mary Sailing Club 280 ranksame
236Phillip HowdenGrafham Water Sailing Club 278 ranksame
237Bob MarksShanklin Sailing Club 274 ranksame
238James ToveyMarconi Sailing Club 268 ranksame
238 =Phil TaylorDraycote Water Sailing Club 268 ranksame
240Nick MillerMarconi Sailing Club 266 ranksame
241Paul HarrisonMarconi Sailing Club 262 ranksame
242Andy WebbHarwich Town Sailing Club 257 ranksame
243Abbie ClarkeStone Sailing Club 254 ranksame
243 =Peter ToveyMarconi Sailing Club 254 ranksame
245Pat FulcherSeasalter Sailing Club 250 ranksame
245 =A DeanRYA 250 ranksame
245 =Bob ToddRYA 250 ranksame
245 =Robert HancockBeaver Sailing Club 250 ranksame
245 =Roger DaviesDatchet Sailing Club 250 ranksame
245 =Ruth MoffatGrafham Water Sailing Club 250 ranksame
245 =Gordon SmithNorth Devon Yacht Club 250 ranksame
245 =Ashley WebbRutland Water Sailing Club 250 ranksame
245 =Katherine JonesGurnard Sailing Club 250 ranksame
245 =Pat ShawRYA 250 ranksame
245 =Cliff BurkillBeaver Sailing Club 250 ranksame
256Tim BrowningStewartby Water Sports Club 238 ranksame
257Chris ClarkeStewartby Water Sports Club 234 ranksame
258Ian CollyerHollowell Sailing Club 233 ranksame
259Nick DayNorth Devon Yacht Club 232 ranksame
260Andrew JefferiesShanklin Sailing Club 228 ranksame
260 =Richard KnightDraycote Water Sailing Club 228 ranksame
262Andrew ClarkeGrafham Water Sailing Club 227 ranksame
263Martin SmithDraycote Water Sailing Club 226 ranksame
264Chris MaloneyThorpe Bay Yacht Club 224 ranksame
265Darren KigginsThorpe Bay Yacht Club 221 ranksame
265 =Harry GaleNorth Devon Yacht Club 221 ranksame
267Nick GuestShanklin Sailing Club 219 ranksame
268Ben SaundersSeasalter Sailing Club 218 ranksame
269Jes FirthNorth Devon Yacht Club 217 ranksame
270Richard HentallNorth Devon Yacht Club 215 ranksame
271Ellie PriceNorth Devon Yacht Club 214 ranksame
271 =Steve WakelamStewartby Water Sports Club 214 ranksame
273Anthony BaileyMarconi Sailing Club 213 ranksame
274Rob BardMarconi Sailing Club 212 ranksame
275Kevin CummersonGrafham Water Sailing Club 209 ranksame
276Jane BainbridgeSeasalter Sailing Club 205 ranksame
277Ian BoltonShanklin Sailing Club 202 ranksame
277 =Micheal TaylorThorpe Bay Yacht Club 202 ranksame
279Andrew GregoryStewartby Water Sports Club 201 ranksame
280David KingThorpe Bay Yacht Club 199 ranksame
281Clive LathamOxford Sailing Club 198 ranksame
282Robin GillBeaver Sailing Club 197 ranksame
282 =Chris ReadShanklin Sailing Club 197 ranksame
284Rob BowenNetley Sailing Club 196 ranksame
285Robin HallStewartby Water Sports Club 194 ranksame
286Pascoal FernandesShanklin Sailing Club 193 ranksame
287Jonathan KilhamNorth Devon Yacht Club 192 ranksame
288David HopperThorpe Bay Yacht Club 188 ranksame
289Paul MorganThorpe Bay Yacht Club 187 ranksame
290Daniel DrewRoyal Western Yacht Club 184 ranksame
290 =Alan LeonardThorpe Bay Yacht Club 184 ranksame
292Paul ChatfieldRestronguet Sailing Club 183 ranksame
293Mike LoxleyCalshot Sailing Club 182 ranksame
293 =Marcus FinchStewartby Water Sports Club 182 ranksame
295Heather KnowlesShanklin Sailing Club 180 ranksame
296Keith PollittNetley Sailing Club 179 ranksame
297Joan WillisSeasalter Sailing Club 169 ranksame
297 =Robin WilkinsonSeasalter Sailing Club 169 ranksame
299Leonard FlynnThorpe Bay Yacht Club 168 ranksame
300Matthew BrownBeaver Sailing Club 167 ranksame
301Rob BeeversBeaver Sailing Club 165 ranksame
302Alyzon MayohNorth Devon Yacht Club 164 ranksame
302 =Derek DarleyIsle of Sheppy Sailing Club 164 ranksame
304Nick CotgroveThorpe Bay Yacht Club 163 ranksame
305Tony AlexanderIsle of Sheppy Sailing Club 161 ranksame
306Chris DyerNorth Devon Yacht Club 158 ranksame
307Penny WilliamsonGrafham Water Sailing Club 157 ranksame
307 =Stuart DyerShanklin Sailing Club 157 ranksame
309Colin WrightStewartby Water Sports Club 155 ranksame
309 =Kevin EllisShanklin Sailing Club 155 ranksame
309 =Gabriel KicksLantau Boat Club 155 ranksame
312David OakleySeasalter Sailing Club 154 ranksame
313Dougie WrightYaverland Sailing and Boat Club 152 ranksame
313 =Chris RickardOpen Dinghy Club 152 ranksame
313 =William BakerShanklin Sailing Club 152 ranksame
316Andrew SinclairRoyal Western Yacht Club 146 ranksame
317Jamie LavenderYaverland Sailing and Boat Club 145 ranksame
318Shaun SmithShanklin Sailing Club 144 ranksame
319Alan WelmanOpen Dinghy Club 143 ranksame
320Thom BrittonNorth Devon Yacht Club 142 ranksame
321Conrad StevensonThorpe Bay Yacht Club 139 ranksame
322Owen JonesDraycote Water Sailing Club 137 ranksame
322 =Ben PennyNorth Devon Yacht Club 137 ranksame
324Linda LittlejohnsSwanage Sailing Club 133 ranksame
324 =Simon BallDraycote Water Sailing Club 133 ranksame
326Mark RushtonStewartby Water Sports Club 132 ranksame
327Tim SeymourSeasalter Sailing Club 129 ranksame
327 =Andrew WoodThorpe Bay Yacht Club 129 ranksame
329Tom SayerYaverland Sailing and Boat Club 127 ranksame
329 =Andy ChidwickMarconi Sailing Club 127 ranksame
331Pat SmithNorth Devon Yacht Club 125 ranksame
332Elliott FougmanThorpe Bay Yacht Club 124 ranksame
333Samuel WoodCarsington Sailing Club 123 ranksame
334Graham CollettDraycote Water Sailing Club 120 ranksame
335Paul FowlerMarconi Sailing Club 118 ranksame
336Peter ThompsonThorpe Bay Yacht Club 117 ranksame
337Chris BoshierThorpe Bay Yacht Club 116 ranksame
337 =Cedric ClemersonPevensey Bay Sailing Club 116 ranksame
339Norman GrumCarsington Sailing Club 115 ranksame
340Andy RichardsRYA 113 ranksame
341John GlynnThorpe Bay Yacht Club 112 ranksame
342Tom MarsdenNorth Devon Yacht Club 111 ranksame
342 =Mark RandersonShanklin Sailing Club 111 ranksame
344Gary MarshallIsland Yacht Club 109 ranksame
345John BowlerNorth Devon Yacht Club 108 ranksame
346Steve WillisSeasalter Sailing Club 107 ranksame
347Place HolderBeaver Sailing Club 105 ranksame
348Mike GodwinNewhaven & Seaford Sailing Club 103 ranksame
349Dave WalkerHalifax Sailing Club 102 ranksame
349 =Jeremy SandfordThorpe Bay Yacht Club 102 ranksame
351L HemmingRYA 100 ranksame
351 =Kevin FosterSeasalter Sailing Club 100 ranksame
351 =R HankinsRYA 100 ranksame
351 =Cecil WatkinsonSandwich Bay Sailing Club 100 ranksame
355Steve SmithNorth Devon Yacht Club 99 ranksame
356Keith MurphyRYA 98 ranksame
357Ian PasquetStewartby Water Sports Club 97 ranksame
358Will StefanouStokes Bay Sailing Club 96 ranksame
359Tom BeasleyShanklin Sailing Club 94 ranksame
359 =Simon RousRYA 94 ranksame
361Daniel CranerNorth Devon Yacht Club 93 ranksame
361 =Ben SkullHerne Bay Sailing Club 93 ranksame
363Danny HendersonThorpe Bay Yacht Club 92 ranksame
363 =Todd MurrantShanklin Sailing Club 92 ranksame
363 =Chris PimmThorpe Bay Yacht Club 92 ranksame
363 =Joshua FiskFelixstowe Ferry Sailing Club 92 ranksame
363 =Trevor ArnoldGrafham Water Sailing Club 92 ranksame
368Richard MillerSwanage Sailing Club 90 ranksame
368 =Chris JesseLee on the Solent Sailing Club 90 ranksame
370Nathan SverdloffThorpe Bay Yacht Club 89 ranksame
370 =Josephine MurphyShanklin Sailing Club 89 ranksame
370 =Graham AdamsonStone Sailing Club 89 ranksame
370 =Richard JonesMarconi Sailing Club 89 ranksame
374Harry VernonShanklin Sailing Club 86 ranksame
374 =Nick PulmanCarsington Sailing Club 86 ranksame
376Colin SibthorpeNorth Devon Yacht Club 85 ranksame
376 =Jack TindaleStone Sailing Club 85 ranksame
376 =Amy BarkerNorth Devon Yacht Club 85 ranksame
379Luke ScottNetley Sailing Club 83 ranksame
379 =Alan Howie-WoodShanklin Sailing Club 83 ranksame
381Charles HumphriesNewhaven & Seaford Sailing Club 82 ranksame
382Les Hurrell-SmithMarconi Sailing Club 81 ranksame
382 =Roger PrattDraycote Water Sailing Club 81 ranksame
384Declan FitchewThorpe Bay Yacht Club 80 ranksame
385Nick HillmanMarconi Sailing Club 79 ranksame
385 =Robert TempleNorth Devon Yacht Club 79 ranksame
385 =Christophe ClarkeMarconi Sailing Club 79 ranksame
388William HarrisonMarconi Sailing Club 78 ranksame
388 =Micheal RainerNorth Devon Yacht Club 78 ranksame
388 =Henry ClarkSwanage Sailing Club 78 ranksame
391Tom Streatfield-JonesRestronguet Sailing Club 76 ranksame
391 =Barry VincentNorth Devon Yacht Club 76 ranksame
393Joe MellowsNorth Devon Yacht Club 74 ranksame
393 =Idris DibbleCardiff Bay Yacht Club 74 ranksame
395Richard PageStewartby Water Sports Club 73 ranksame
395 =Ed LowGurnard Sailing Club 73 ranksame
395 =Julian ReichertThorpe Bay Yacht Club 73 ranksame
398George WarringtonThorpe Bay Yacht Club 72 ranksame
398 =Andrew LawmanGrafham Water Sailing Club 72 ranksame
398 =Graham ShrimptonStewartby Water Sports Club 72 ranksame
401Stuart McBeathStewartby Water Sports Club 71 ranksame
402Rob SmithSeasalter Sailing Club 70 ranksame
402 =G ColletDraycote Water Sailing Club 70 ranksame
404J ScottCarsington Sailing Club 69 ranksame
404 =M ScottGurnard Sailing Club 69 ranksame
406Ray LowtherMarconi Sailing Club 68 ranksame
407Rhys AtkinsGrafham Water Sailing Club 67 ranksame
407 =Terry NowellOpen Dinghy Club 67 ranksame
407 =Andrew CarterSeasalter Sailing Club 67 ranksame
407 =Lee HarrisonMarconi Sailing Club 67 ranksame
407 =Tim HillDraycote Water Sailing Club 67 ranksame
412Mladen WilderGrafham Water Sailing Club 66 ranksame
412 =Chris HullThorpe Bay Yacht Club 66 ranksame
412 =Daniel BardMarconi Sailing Club 66 ranksame
415Michael SteerCarsington Sailing Club 65 ranksame
415 =Paul BaileyGrafham Water Sailing Club 65 ranksame
417Jim HallNorth Devon Yacht Club 64 ranksame
417 =Rich GloverRestronguet Sailing Club 64 ranksame
417 =Richard MoleParkstone Yacht Club 64 ranksame
420Bob FletcherRYA 63 ranksame
420 =Chris HodgesCarsington Sailing Club 63 ranksame
420 =Russell BriggsCarsington Sailing Club 63 ranksame
423Tony SkinnerStewartby Water Sports Club 62 ranksame
423 =Ian AtkinsonNorth Devon Yacht Club 62 ranksame
423 =Mike GoughYorkshire Dales Saling Club 62 ranksame
423 =James PikeShanklin Sailing Club 62 ranksame
427Amy RickardsShanklin Sailing Club 61 ranksame
428Ian HadleyThorpe Bay Yacht Club 60 ranksame
428 =D KingslandGurnard Sailing Club 60 ranksame
428 =Jacob PrinceThorpe Bay Yacht Club 60 ranksame
431Andrew DeanShanklin Sailing Club 59 ranksame
432Mike DyosShanklin Sailing Club 58 ranksame
432 =Jim BryceFiley Sailing Club 58 ranksame
434Daniel WebbThorpe Bay Yacht Club 57 ranksame
435Geoff MitchellNorth Devon Yacht Club 56 ranksame
435 =Lewis CouchShanklin Sailing Club 56 ranksame
435 =Tim AllardThorpe Bay Yacht Club 56 ranksame
435 =Neil HarwoodRYA 56 ranksame
439Joe Talbot AdamsNorth Devon Yacht Club 55 ranksame
439 =Jeremy BrittonRYA 55 ranksame
439 =Brandon HolmbergShanklin Sailing Club 55 ranksame
442Chris CawthorneNorth Devon Yacht Club 54 ranksame
442 =Oliver CuleShanklin Sailing Club 54 ranksame
442 =Richard Nigel PageShanklin Sailing Club 54 ranksame
442 =Toby WhiteNorth Devon Yacht Club 54 ranksame
442 =Philip HewerThorpe Bay Yacht Club 54 ranksame
442 =Terry PearceThorpe Bay Yacht Club 54 ranksame
442 =Sam SeddonFelixstowe Ferry Sailing Club 54 ranksame
442 =Julian ThomasNorth Devon Yacht Club 54 ranksame
442 =Joe ArmstrongNorth Devon Yacht Club 54 ranksame
442 =Mike JohnsNorth Devon Yacht Club 54 ranksame
452Jeremy RobertsonShanklin Sailing Club 53 ranksame
452 =David RobinsonRYA 53 ranksame
452 =Marc CranerNorth Devon Yacht Club 53 ranksame
452 =Sam MadarRoyal Western Yacht Club 53 ranksame
456Tim BentonShanklin Sailing Club 52 ranksame
456 =Stephan ComutNorth Devon Yacht Club 52 ranksame
456 =Ben DuhigNorth Devon Yacht Club 52 ranksame
456 =Clive DilliwayBeaver Sailing Club 52 ranksame
456 =Richard BeasleyShanklin Sailing Club 52 ranksame
461R OwenRYA 51 ranksame
461 =J KilhamNorth Devon Yacht Club 51 ranksame
461 =Brian MillsThorpe Bay Yacht Club 51 ranksame
461 =Jim CoombsNetley Sailing Club 51 ranksame
465Judith SparkRYA 50 ranksame
465 =Gareth FarrStewartby Water Sports Club 50 ranksame
467Howard MintoNewhaven & Seaford Sailing Club 49 ranksame
468Andrew DowleyMarconi Sailing Club 48 ranksame
469Daniel SturmMarconi Sailing Club 47 ranksame
470M SteerCarsington Sailing Club 46 ranksame
470 =D HowarthCarsington Sailing Club 46 ranksame
472John KeyteGrafham Water Sailing Club 45 ranksame
473Roger BrownStone Sailing Club 43 ranksame
474Mark DowlingSeasalter Sailing Club 42 ranksame
475Chris StaffordSeasalter Sailing Club 41 ranksame
476J JohnsonRYA 40 ranksame
477Alan WoodsOpen Dinghy Club 39 ranksame
478Jamie LynchNewhaven & Seaford Sailing Club 38 ranksame
478 =Steve CleaverMarconi Sailing Club 38 ranksame
478 =Daren JamesDraycote Water Sailing Club 38 ranksame
481Duncan ManningRYA 37 ranksame
481 =Henry HuntDraycote Water Sailing Club 37 ranksame
481 =D RankinBlithfield Sailing Club 37 ranksame
481 =Daniel WhigmoreGrafham Water Sailing Club 37 ranksame
481 =Jamie WardRoyal Western Yacht Club 37 ranksame
486Mark WiltshireThorpe Bay Yacht Club 36 ranksame
486 =Andrew LangleySwanage Sailing Club 36 ranksame
486 =Rob DenmanThorpe Bay Yacht Club 36 ranksame
486 =Jeff KiddleSeasalter Sailing Club 36 ranksame
486 =Stephen RobertRYA 36 ranksame
491David BladonMarconi Sailing Club 35 ranksame
491 =Martin QuaifeOpen Dinghy Club 35 ranksame
491 =Marcus FinchStewartby Water Sports Club 35 ranksame
491 =John DutchSeasalter Sailing Club 35 ranksame
491 =Jonathan LodgeRYA 35 ranksame
491 =Karen CorleyMarconi Sailing Club 35 ranksame
491 =Mark DeanThorpe Bay Yacht Club 35 ranksame
491 =Ian CosgroveThorpe Bay Yacht Club 35 ranksame
491 =Lee LeechDraycote Water Sailing Club 35 ranksame
500Roger BakerIsle of Sheppy Sailing Club 34 ranksame
500 =Ian BrungerIsle of Sheppy Sailing Club 34 ranksame
500 =David FearnleyCarsington Sailing Club 34 ranksame
500 =Martin PickettMarconi Sailing Club 34 ranksame
500 =Nigel AdcockSwanage Sailing Club 34 ranksame
505Clive StraceySwanage Sailing Club 33 ranksame
505 =Jonathan StoneDraycote Water Sailing Club 33 ranksame
505 =Dan KirbyMarconi Sailing Club 33 ranksame
505 =Harry JanesStewartby Water Sports Club 33 ranksame
505 =John BainbridgeSeasalter Sailing Club 33 ranksame
505 =Tally EyreThorpe Bay Yacht Club 33 ranksame
505 =Neil KlabeGrafham Water Sailing Club 33 ranksame
505 =Dave SmithStewartby Water Sports Club 33 ranksame
505 =Steve PettDraycote Water Sailing Club 33 ranksame
514Will ThomasonThorpe Bay Yacht Club 32 ranksame
514 =John MorrallGrafham Water Sailing Club 32 ranksame
514 =Sean ColvinMarconi Sailing Club 32 ranksame
514 =John DullehanCarsington Sailing Club 32 ranksame
514 =Mike BaldwinDraycote Water Sailing Club 32 ranksame
514 =Phil WicksOpen Dinghy Club 32 ranksame
514 =Gerry WainwrightStone Sailing Club 32 ranksame
514 =M DaviesBlithfield Sailing Club 32 ranksame
514 =Terry JonesNewhaven & Seaford Sailing Club 32 ranksame
514 =James KnightDraycote Water Sailing Club 32 ranksame
514 =Neil DunckleyRoyal Western Yacht Club 32 ranksame
514 =Liam HowcroftStewartby Water Sports Club 32 ranksame
526Stuart YatesStewartby Water Sports Club 31 ranksame
526 =Peter LeaRYA 31 ranksame
526 =Alex BettsSeasalter Sailing Club 31 ranksame
526 =John BallMarconi Sailing Club 31 ranksame
526 =Phillip HuntDraycote Water Sailing Club 31 ranksame
526 =John LeybourneDraycote Water Sailing Club 31 ranksame
526 =David BrookThorpe Bay Yacht Club 31 ranksame
526 =Jim ColemanGrafham Water Sailing Club 31 ranksame
526 =Jamie WhittakerGrafham Water Sailing Club 31 ranksame
526 =Stuart BlighSeasalter Sailing Club 31 ranksame
526 =Ian WilsonGrafham Water Sailing Club 31 ranksame
526 =Dave MurphyOpen Dinghy Club 31 ranksame
526 =Chris LawsonStewartby Water Sports Club 31 ranksame
526 =David CoulsonStewartby Water Sports Club 31 ranksame
526 =Black PeaRYA 31 ranksame
526 =Mike SewellOpen Dinghy Club 31 ranksame
526 =David LeeDatchet Sailing Club 31 ranksame
544Sharon ReidStone Sailing Club 30 ranksame
545George ReidStone Sailing Club 29 ranksame
546Gerry ReeveRYA 25 ranksame
546 =Paul FrostGrafham Water Sailing Club 25 ranksame
548J Lewis-EvansRYA 20 ranksame
548 =Tom ScottRYA 20 ranksame
548 =Paul FairbanksRYA 20 ranksame
548 =D IngramRYA 20 ranksame
548 =J DaviesRYA 20 ranksame
548 =U ProthmannRYA 20 ranksame
554Micheal Palmer-HeadNorth Devon Yacht Club 0 ranksame
554 =Duncan MacphersonGrafham Water Sailing Club 0 ranksame
554 =Sam PriceNorth Devon Yacht Club 0 ranksame
554 =Pat JenningsGurnard Sailing Club 0 ranksame
554 =Paul JuryNorth Devon Yacht Club 0 ranksame
554 =Derek MorrisGurnard Sailing Club 0 ranksame
554 =Dave DownerGurnard Sailing Club 0 ranksame
554 =Tony WyethGurnard Sailing Club 0 ranksame
554 =Steve RichardsonNorth Devon Yacht Club 0 ranksame
554 =Mary Jane ScottNorth Devon Yacht Club 0 ranksame
554 =Kim HarrisGrafham Water Sailing Club 0 ranksame
554 =Geoff GreenSeasalter Sailing Club 0 ranksame
554 =Bryn WilliamsCarsington Sailing Club 0 ranksame
554 =Tony PrattNorth Devon Yacht Club 0 ranksame
554 =Ian JamesCardiff Bay Yacht Club 0 ranksame
554 =Gordon GildingRYA 0 ranksame
554 =Bob PearsonCarsington Sailing Club 0 ranksame
554 =Ted WallerGrafham Water Sailing Club 0 ranksame