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Derek James

Home Club: Draycote Water Sailing Club

Current Total Points: 3716

Current Sprint 15 Association All Time Rank: 32

All Statistics Summary
Highest Ranking 31
Previous Rank after last re-ranking 32
Nationals Wins and Trophies
Una Format National Championships 0
Sport Format National Championships 0
Two-Up Format National Championships 0
Ladies National Championships 0
Junior National Championships 0
Trophies Won 0
Nationals Statistics since 2006
Number Nationals Attended 14
Number Top 3 Finishing Places 0
Number Top 10 Race Finishes 3
Number of Times Ladies Top 3 0
Number of Times Junior Top 3 0
Number of Times Heavyweights Top 3 0
Number of Times 60+ Top 3 1
Number of Times 50+ Top 3 0
Number of Times Pro-Am Top 3 Places as Pro 0
Number of Times Pro-Am Top 3 Places as Am 0
Number of Times the Most Persistent Finisher 0
TT Statistics since 2007
Number TT Events Attended 59
Number TT Summer Series Wins 0
Number TT Winter Series Wins 0
Number TT Series Top 3 0
Number TT Series Top 10 5
Number TT Una\Two Up Fleet Series Top 3 0
Number TT Sport Fleet Series Top 3 8
Number TT Handicap First Place Finishes 0
Number TT Handicap Top 3 Place Finishes 0
Number TT First Place Fleet Finishes 8
Number TT Una\Two-Up Fleet Top 3 Finishes 0
Number TT Sport Fleet Top 3 Finishes 22

Nationals Attended: 14 Nationals Points: 944

Nationals Events attended from 2006
YearTypeVenueSail No. UsedPointsPosition
2007NationalsSaundersfoot Sailing Club 174417040
2008Sport NationalsNorth Devon Yacht Club 17446019
2009Sport NationalsNorth Devon Yacht Club 17448622
2010Sport NationalsSwanage Sailing Club 17449621
2011Sport NationalsNorth Devon Yacht Club 17448223
2014Sport NationalsNorth Devon Yacht Club 17444615
2016Sport NationalsNorth Devon Yacht Club 17449923
2018NationalsWeymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy 174420939
2018Sport NationalsNorth Devon Yacht Club 17449831
2019Sport NationalsYaverland Sailing and Boat Club 17446312
2021Sport NationalsYaverland Sailing and Boat Club 174410927
2022NationalsRestronguet Sailing Club 174419031
2022Sport NationalsNorth Devon Yacht Club 174412622
2023NationalsThorpe Bay Yacht Club 17447920

TT Events Attended: 59 Event Points: 2772

TT Events attended from 2007
SeriesVenueSail No. UsedFormatHandicap PointsFleet Place
Summer 2007Carsington Sailing Club 1744sport173
Winter 2007Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744sport142
Winter 2007Queen Mary Sailing Club 1744sport143
Winter 2008Stewartby Water Sports Club 1744sport81
Winter 2008Carsington Sailing Club 1744sport134
Winter 2008Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744sport153
Winter 2008Grafham Water Sailing Club 1744sport223
Summer 2009Grafham Water Sailing Club 1744sport242
Winter 2009Stewartby Water Sports Club 1744una1010
Winter 2009Carsington Sailing Club 1744sport113
Winter 2009Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744sport61
Winter 2009Queen Mary Sailing Club 1744sport61
Winter 2009Grafham Water Sailing Club 1744sport192
Winter 2010Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744sport161
Winter 2010Queen Mary Sailing Club 1744una1515
Winter 2010Grafham Water Sailing Club 1744una2222
Winter 2011Stewartby Water Sports Club 1744sport112
Winter 2011Carsington Sailing Club 1744sport1212
Winter 2011Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744sport192
Winter 2011Queen Mary Sailing Club 1744sport121
Winter 2012Carsington Sailing Club 1744sport103
Winter 2012Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744una1414
Winter 2013Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744una2222
Winter 2015Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744sport161
Summer 2016Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744una1919
Winter 2016Stewartby Water Sports Club 1744una1616
Winter 2016Rutland Water Sailing Club 1744una88
Winter 2016Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744una1313
Summer 2017Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744sport162
Winter 2017Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744una1212
Summer 2018Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744una1616
Summer 2018Royal Western Yacht Club 1744una77
Summer 2018Grafham Water Sailing Club 1744una2525
Winter 2018Stewartby Water Sports Club 1744sport171
Winter 2018Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744sport112
Winter 2018Rutland Water Sailing Club 1744sport93
Winter 2018Grafham Water Sailing Club 1744sport81
Summer 2019Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744una1414
Winter 2019Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744una44
Summer 2021Carsington Sailing Club 1744una1313
Summer 2021Grafham Water Sailing Club 2015una2323
Winter 2021Stewartby Water Sports Club 1744una1313
Winter 2021Rutland Water Sailing Club 1744una77
Winter 2021Grafham Water Sailing Club 1744una1010
Summer 2022Draycote Water Sailing Club 1744una99
Summer 2022Carsington Sailing Club 1744una1010
Summer 2022Rutland Water Sailing Club 1744una1818
Winter 2022Stewartby Water Sports Club 1940una1212
Winter 2022Draycote Water Sailing Club 1940una77
Winter 2022Grafham Water Sailing Club 1940una77
Summer 2023Marconi Sailing Club 1940una1717
Summer 2023Rutland Water Sailing Club 1940una66
Summer 2023North Devon Yacht Club 1940una1312
Summer 2023Grafham Water Sailing Club 1940una1010
Winter 2023Stewartby Water Sports Club 1940una88
Winter 2023Rutland Water Sailing Club 1940una44
Winter 2023Draycote Water Sailing Club 1940una1313
Winter 2023Datchet Sailing Club 1940una55
Winter 2023Grafham Water Sailing Club 1940una77