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Kevin Dutch

Home Club: Seasalter Sailing Club

Current Total Points: 12949

Current Sprint 15 Association All Time Rank: 9

All Statistics Summary
Highest Ranking 5
Previous Rank after last re-ranking 9
Nationals Wins and Trophies
Una Format National Championships 1
Sport Format National Championships 1
Two-Up Format National Championships 0
Ladies National Championships 0
Junior National Championships 0
Trophies Won 23
Nationals Statistics since 2006
Number Nationals Attended 21
Number Top 3 Finishing Places 11
Number Top 10 Race Finishes 92
Number of Times Ladies Top 3 0
Number of Times Junior Top 3 0
Number of Times Heavyweights Top 3 1
Number of Times 60+ Top 3 0
Number of Times 50+ Top 3 0
Number of Times Pro-Am Top 3 Places as Pro 2
Number of Times Pro-Am Top 3 Places as Am 0
Number of Times the Most Persistent Finisher 0
TT Statistics since 2007
Number TT Events Attended 32
Number TT Summer Series Wins 2
Number TT Winter Series Wins 0
Number TT Series Top 3 3
Number TT Series Top 10 7
Number TT Una\Two Up Fleet Series Top 3 2
Number TT Sport Fleet Series Top 3 5
Number TT Handicap First Place Finishes 10
Number TT Handicap Top 3 Place Finishes 17
Number TT First Place Fleet Finishes 11
Number TT Una\Two-Up Fleet Top 3 Finishes 13
Number TT Sport Fleet Top 3 Finishes 9

Number of 917 format National Championships Won: 1 ( 2011 )

Number of 883 format National Championships Won: 1 ( 2012 )

Overall TT Series Wins = 2 ( Summer 2007 Summer 2010 )

Trophy Summary: 23 Trophy Points: 7950

All Trophies Awarded since 1980
YearTrophy DescriptionTrophy Name
2007Southern ChampionSandwich Bay Cup
2007Summer TT ChampionD15 Association Travellers Trophy - big
2007Una or Two Up Summer TT ChampionD15 Association Travellers Trophy - small
2008Sport Runner-up at NationalsPhil Breeze Cartoon
2010Summer TT ChampionD15 Association Travellers Trophy - big
2010Sport Runner-up at NationalsPhil Breeze Cartoon
2011National ChampionNick Dewhirst Shield
2011Single Handed National ChampionSeasalter Cup
2011Race 2 NationalsSpark National Shield
2011Race 6 NationalsThe Grafham Perpetual Tankard
2012Race 5 NationalsTechno Trophy
2012Sport National ChampionIsolan Sprint Tankard and Shield
2013Southern ChampionSandwich Bay Cup
2014Sport Runner-up at NationalsPhil Breeze Cartoon
2015Race 6 NationalsThe Grafham Perpetual Tankard
2017Race 5 NationalsTechno Trophy
2017Race 7 NationalsGraffiti Cup
2017Race 3 NationalsSea Dog Cup
2019Heavyweight HelmPewter Hip Flask
2019Race 1 NationalsPentewan Plaque
2019Race 2 NationalsSpark National Shield
2019Race 3 NationalsSea Dog Cup
2019Race 4 NationalsShepards Trophy

Nationals Attended: 21 Nationals Points: 2170

Nationals Events attended from 2006
YearTypeVenueSail No. UsedPointsPosition
2006NationalsNetley Sailing Club 1938418
2007Sport NationalsGurnard Sailing Club 1938216
2007NationalsSaundersfoot Sailing Club 1938223
2008Sport NationalsNorth Devon Yacht Club 193872
2008NationalsThorpe Bay Yacht Club 1938213
2009Sport NationalsNorth Devon Yacht Club 193810328
2010Sport NationalsSwanage Sailing Club 1938112
2011Sport NationalsNorth Devon Yacht Club 1938143
2011NationalsPwllheli Sailing Club 193881
2012Sport NationalsNorth Devon Yacht Club 193871
2012NationalsBrightlingsea Sailing Club 1938568
2013Sport NationalsYaverland Sailing and Boat Club 1938185
2013NationalsPentewan Sands Sailing Club 2006397
2014Sport NationalsNorth Devon Yacht Club 193862
2014NationalsThorpe Bay Yacht Club 19388325
2015Sport NationalsYaverland Sailing and Boat Club 1938153
2015NationalsNetley Sailing Club 1938163
2017NationalsThorpe Bay Yacht Club 1938133
2018NationalsWeymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy 193812021
2019NationalsHarwich Town Sailing Club 1938495
2023NationalsThorpe Bay Yacht Club 193811331

TT Events Attended: 32 Event Points: 2829

TT Events attended from 2007
SeriesVenueSail No. UsedFormatHandicap PointsFleet Place
Summer 2007Seasalter Sailing Club 1938una11
Summer 2007Thorpe Bay Yacht Club 1938una11
Summer 2007Halifax Sailing Club 1938una22
Summer 2007Open Dinghy Club 1938sport11
Summer 2007Carsington Sailing Club 1938una33
Winter 2007Stewartby Water Sports Club 1938una99
Winter 2007Queen Mary Sailing Club 1938sport11
Summer 2008Marconi Sailing Club 1938una1717
Summer 2008Seasalter Sailing Club 1938una11
Summer 2008Swanage Sailing Club 1938una42
Winter 2008Grafham Water Sailing Club 17una1111
Summer 2009Seasalter Sailing Club 1938sport11
Summer 2010Herne Bay Sailing Club 1938sport11
Summer 2010Seasalter Sailing Club 1938una11
Summer 2010Grafham Water Sailing Club 1938sport41
Winter 2010Stewartby Water Sports Club 1938una88
Winter 2010Queen Mary Sailing Club 1938una1414
Summer 2011Seasalter Sailing Club 1938una11
Summer 2012Seasalter Sailing Club 1938una33
Summer 2012Marconi Sailing Club 1938una99
Summer 2012Grafham Water Sailing Club 1938una66
Summer 2012Stewartby Water Sports Club 1938una22
Summer 2013Seasalter Sailing Club 1938una11
Summer 2013Thorpe Bay Yacht Club 1938una55
Summer 2013Grafham Water Sailing Club 1938una77
Summer 2014Marconi Sailing Club 1938sport32
Summer 2014Seasalter Sailing Club 1938sport62
Summer 2014Grafham Water Sailing Club 1938sport82
Summer 2015Seasalter Sailing Club 1938una33
Summer 2016Seasalter Sailing Club 1938una66
Summer 2017Seasalter Sailing Club 1938sport42
Winter 2018Grafham Water Sailing Club 1938una22