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331) Event News: TT at Carsington Sailing Club - Race Report
(Article Published: 16th December 2007 at 21:35 pm)

The first ever Carsington Winter TT took place on December 8th with grey skies, rain and freezing temperature greeting the 8 travellers who had made the journey to the peak district together with 5 local helms. The weather forecast ominously predicting strong gusting winds and with white water already on the lake several helms decided not to race. more..

332) Website News: New Feature for Events Pages: Driving Directions (Article Published: 29th November 2007 at 18:08 pm)

I have added a new feature into the events system so that you can obtain driving directions from your address to the club the event is being held at. It is recomended that you use Lat & Lon co-ordinates for your home address, use the clubs map page to obtain these. It does know some street addresses for example my works address Giles Lane, Canterbury, Kent works fine but not all work. The site will remember the from address so you only have to enter it the once. Feedback to the webmaster please or forums. more..

333) Website News: New Terrain Option Added to Club Map (Article Published: 29th November 2007 at 14:33 pm)

The clubs map now has a terrain option to click the Terrain button in the map, it give you an idea as to how hilly or flat the location is. If you spot a mistake in the club infomation or find that your club is not listed then please email the webmaster. more..

334) Website News: New Tip: How to Right an Inverted Sprint 15 (Article Published: 28th November 2007 at 10:09 am)

This is the technique to right an inverted Sprint 15 more..

335) General News: News from TJV Race (Article Published: 14th November 2007 at 13:36 pm)

The last 24 hours have been particularly interesting within the Class 40 fleet, with Fujifilm announcing that they have had to retire due to alternator problems, joining Ocean Warrior in the list of boats who will not be able to complete the race and the wind proving to make tactics ever important. As a result of the weather conditions the main fleet is being condensed back together, which is proving to be beneficial for the Concise sailors, Tom Gall and Dan Gohl. more..

336) Event News: TT at Stewartby Water Sports Club - Race Report
(Article Published: 12th November 2007 at 09:39 am)

Steve Sawford Wins Stewartby Winter TT event in light winds on Saturday 03\\11\\07. Steve is the current defending Winter TT Series champion so its a good start to the defense of his title. more..

337) General News: Cats Out of Olympics! (Article Published: 9th November 2007 at 15:57 pm)

ISAF at their conference on the 9th November 2007 have decided the 10 events at the London Olympics and cats have been left out! Read more on the Yachts and Yachting Website (click the more link!) more..

338) General News: Sprint 15 Northern Champion: Tom Gall sailing the Transat Jacques Vabre (Article Published: 2nd November 2007 at 10:16 am)

Tom Gall to sail with Dan Gohl in Transat Jacques Vabre 2007 on a Concise 49 more..

339) Event News: The Windsport Catparts Sprint 15 Traveller Series TT at Grafham Water Sailing Club - Race Report
(Article Published: 22nd October 2007 at 11:37 am)

The report for the Grafham TT event is now available. Unfortunately it was NOT SAILED due to a lack of wind! more..

340) General News: RSS News Feed Created (Article Published: 15th October 2007 at 11:25 am)

RSS News feed now available for this sites News articles. Once subscribed your RSS Reader will inform you any new news articles posted on this site. more..