Southern Championship Shanklin Sailing Club TT : Summer Series
Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th May 2024

Dart 15 Southern Championship at Shanklin Sailing Club – 18th/19th May 2024

A game of two halves

29 boats entered the second of the Dart 15 Summer Series events with six sailors coming from across the Solent.

There were very light and shifty winds for the first race which started just after noon on Saturday the 18th.  A right handed rectangle course was set by race officers Keith Newnham and Alan Howie-Wood which became a running start as the fickle breeze shifted round.  Those sailors who chose to start on the left hand, shore side of the line were rewarded with their own zephyr whereas those by the outer mark were left stranded in no wind.

Sean McKenna had the best start of all and he led from thereon despite his zephyr fading half way to the first mark, allowing the dawdlers to catch up a bit.  Sean led Jason Clarke, Jenny Ball, Hector Bunclark and Yvonne Pike on the beat out to sea while Liam Thom tacked off to the right at the first opportunity, making up for a dreadful start.

Jenny got ahead of Liam and Hector on the run with Sean taking the win ahead of Jason.

The course was reversed for the second race with a short southerly beat as the first leg.  There was a bit more breeze and boats were able to lift a hull very briefly.  The start was more even this time but Sean was first again to the windward mark ahead of Stuart Pierce on his borrowed boat “Poisoned Chalice”, ahead of Mark Pritchard and Liam.  The wind faded as the leaders were heading for the club finish line but a late shortening would have disadvantaged those who were sailing for the next buoy rather than the finish so the race was allowed to continue to the next buoy.  Sean took the second race win ahead of Liam, Stuart, Mark and sprightly octogenarian John Shenton.

It looked like there would be no further racing that day and most of the early finishers came to shore.  However, the wind filled in again from the south and race three was started in a force 2.  Sean was again first to the windward mark but Jason and Liam were right up with him at the leeward mark after a long downwind leg.  The beat up to the finish was a tack along the shoreline amongst the groins, with helms opting to stay out of the tide.  Sean kept his lead but Jason overtook Liam and Jon Pearse lost fourth position to Jenny on the final tack.

Sean had had just about a perfect day.  He had started well, sailed fast and chosen the correct side every time. 

The sun came out properly the next day and there was a bit more breeze, this time coming from a bit east of north.

Race four looked like it would go the way of the first day’s racing with Sean just ahead of Liam and Jason at the first mark but Sean then decided to miss out mark two and Jason ignored advice not to follow him.  Liam and Stuart took advantage of this largesse and maintained a good lead for a lap until the starboard rounding course caused mayhem at the second mark.  Stuart should have had the lead but Liam had right of way on starboard causing Stuart to tack – and then mess Jenny’s race up – who then messed up Yvonne.  As all the dominos fell, Mark weaved his way through to take the lead which he held until the last reach when Liam edged ahead.  Liam took the win ahead of Mark, Jon and Stuart.

The wind was veering more towards the east and the previous windward buoy was removed from the course for race five.   Sean and Jason chose the leeward end of the line which looked a brave decision.  Those on the right hand side of the start line prospered better and Liam, Jon, Jenny, Stuart, Yvonne and Bob Baker rounded the first mark at the front of the fleet.  Liam maintained the lead to the line ahead of Jon and Jenny with Stuart just losing out to Sean on the finish line for fourth.

Sean had started the day with a six point lead but he was now ahead only after countback.  He needed to beat Liam in the last race with a fourth or better.  The wind had shifted further east and the course was changed so the first leg was a short reach followed by a long beat.

Sean was not taking any chances at the start and pulled off a brilliant manoeuvre to hold Liam and half a dozen others by the outer mark.  He did, however let many others get away and he needed a good score to win the series.  He rounded the first mark only in 6th which was not enough for the regatta win.   Jenny and Jason held the lead for the next leg with Sean making his way through the fleet past Stuart, Chris Murphy and Yvonne.   Sean caught up with Jason on the first lap run but Jenny managed to stay just ahead for the two lap race to take the win ahead of Jason, Sean and Stuart.

Sean took the Southern Championship win by a single point after a first day’s light wind masterclass.

Our thanks to all the volunteers in the club including safety boat crew (Les Kay, Ian Bolton, David Sanchez, Jon Moram and Paul Knights), race officers (Keith Newnham and Alan Howie-Wood), catering (June Kay, Ian Wilkinson, Mary Howie-Wood and Ian Bolton), and Tina Lavender helping people launch and recover boats.

We are also very grateful to Wightlink for helping support the club and the event.

Report by Liam Thom

Pictures by Mary Howie-Wood


  Helm Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Points
1st Sean McKenna Shanklin Sailing Club 1 1 1 8 4 3 10.00
2nd Liam Thom Shanklin Sailing Club 4 2 3 1 1 5 11.00
3rd Jenny Ball Marconi Sailing Club 3 7 4 5 3 1 16.00
4th Jason Clarke Marconi Sailing Club 2 8 2 7 11 2 21.00
5th Stuart Pierce Shanklin Sailing Club 12 3 7 4 5 4 23.00
6th Jon Pearse Marconi Sailing Club 8 9 5 3 2 12 27.00
7th Mark Pritchard Shanklin Sailing Club 9 4 6 2 14 10 31.00
8th Chris Murphy Shanklin Sailing Club 22 6 8 13 8 6 41.00
9th Yvonne Pike Shanklin Sailing Club 6 11 10 18 6 8 41.00
10th Bob Baker Shanklin Sailing Club 13 10 9 10 7 7 43.00
11th Tony Murrant Shanklin Sailing Club 14.50 12 11 9 9 16 55.50
12th Hector Bunclark North Devon Yacht Club 5 20 20 6 18 13 62.00
13th Keith Chidwick Queen Mary Sailing Club 7 13 15 17 13 19 65.00
14th David Clarke Marconi Sailing Club 18 18 14 12 10 11 65.00
15th Kevin Ellis Shanklin Sailing Club 10 16 13 14 20 18 71.00
16th James Pike Shanklin Sailing Club 19 24DNF 12 15 12 15 73.00
17th Ian Wilkinson Shanklin Sailing Club 16 24DNF 29 11 15 9 75.00
18th John Shenton Shanklin Sailing Club 24 5 16 23 19 21 84.00
19th Karl Naumann Shanklin Sailing Club 21 14 18 20 29 14 87.00
20th Jamie Lavender Shanklin Sailing Club 11 19 21 25 22 20 93.00
21st Pascoal Fernandes Shanklin Sailing Club 14.50 15 17 28DNF 27DNF 29 101.50
22nd Andrew Dean Shanklin Sailing Club 23 21 22 19 24 22 107.00
23rd Bob Marks Shanklin Sailing Club 17 29 25DNF 21 23 29 115.00
24th Richard Phelps Shanklin Sailing Club 29 29 29 24 17 17 116.00
25th Lewis Couch Shanklin Sailing Club 29 29 29 16 16 29 119.00
26th Todd Murrant Shanklin Sailing Club 26 29 25DNF 22 21 29 123.00
27th Geoff Leather Shanklin Sailing Club 20 17 29 29 29 29 124.00
28th Jerry Robertson Shanklin Sailing Club 25 29 19 26 27DNF 29 126.00
29th John Moram Shanklin Sailing Club 29 29 29 29 29 29 145.00



Full Series Results available here

Una Fleet
CompetitorsEvent Placings
NameSailClubFormatHandicap PlaceFleet Place
Sean McKenna2018Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig11
Liam Thom2034Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig22
Jenny Ball2025Marconi Sailing ClubUna Rig33
Jason Clarke2037Marconi Sailing ClubUna Rig44
Stuart Pierce2029Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig55
Jon Pearse2035Marconi Sailing ClubUna Rig66
Mark Pritchard1979Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig77
Chris Murphy1927Yaverland Sailing and Boat ClubUna Rig88
Yvonne Pike1965Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig99
Bob Baker1926Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig1010
Tony Murrant1970Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig1111
Hector Bunclark1916North Devon Yacht ClubUna Rig1212
Keith Chidwick2016Queen Mary Sailing ClubUna Rig1313
Dave Clarke1521Marconi Sailing ClubUna Rig1414
Kevin Ellis1944Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig1515
James Pike1957Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig1616
Ian Wilkinson1947Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig1717
John Shenton1956Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig1818
Karl Naumann194Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig1919
Jamie Lavender1348Yaverland Sailing and Boat ClubUna Rig2020
Pascoal Fernandes1866Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig2121
Andrew Dean1347Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig2222
Bob Marks1960Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig2323
Richard Phelps1728Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig2424
Lewis Couch1739Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig2525
Todd Murrant1357Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig2626
Geoff Leather1921Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig2727
Jerry Robertson1781Shanklin Sailing ClubUna Rig2828