2024 Results


The results presented below are provisional and should just be taken as a guide to your current placing

PAR Scores: Are a unique concept in the Sprint 15 fleet. These are lower than the usual DNC (series entrants + 1) for the series and are currently assigned by the Events Secretary, however a means of calculating PAR is being worked on, the proposed formula is: max number of entrants in the largest event + 5. For Handicap points the PAR of the UNA format is used regardless of the mode sailed. Sport mode fleet points have their own PAR score the current PAR used by the system are displayed below, these have been automatically calculated for the series using the above formula

-PAR Score for this Handicap Series is: 33 pts
Competitors Qualified for the Series - Prizes are only awarded to Qualified Competitors
Number of Events To Qualify: 3
Competitors with a Tie Break

RYA\ISAF Rules A8.1 & 2 are being used for tiebreaks

Ties Broken by A8.1 are indicated by ¹
Ties Broken by A8.2 are indicated by ²

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Handicap results
CompetitorsEventBest 3 Results
NameClubSailMarconi Sailing Club TTShanklin Sailing Club TTDraycote Water Sailing Club TTCarsington Sailing Club TTGrafham Water Sailing Club TTPointsPlace
Jenny BallMarconi Sailing Club202523---381
Jason ClarkeMarconi Sailing Club203734---402
Jon PearseMarconi Sailing Club203556---443
Keith ChidwickQueen Mary Sailing Club20161013---564
Sean McKennaShanklin Sailing Club2018-1---67 5 ²
Mark AldridgeGrafham Water Sailing Club661----67 6 ²
Liam ThomShanklin Sailing Club2034-2---687
Steve SawfordRutland Water Sailing Club20334----708
Stuart PierceShanklin Sailing Club2029-5---719
Scott WilcoxStewartby Water Sports Club13596----7210
Mark PritchardShanklin Sailing Club1979-7---73 11 ²
Andrew DowleyMarconi Sailing Club14107----73 12 ²
Chris MurphyYaverland Sailing and Boat Club1927-8---74 13 ²
Christophe ClarkeMarconi Sailing Club19888----74 14 ²
Yvonne PikeShanklin Sailing Club1965-9---75 15 ²
Robert WilsonStone Sailing Club19669----75 16 ²
Bob BakerShanklin Sailing Club1926-10---7617
Tony MurrantShanklin Sailing Club1970-11---77 18 ²
Ed Tuite DaltonDraycote Water Sailing Club202311----77 19 ²
Hector BunclarkNorth Devon Yacht Club1916-12---7820
David BallMarconi Sailing Club192313----7921
Jemma ClarkeMarconi Sailing Club133914----80 22 =
Dave ClarkeMarconi Sailing Club1521-14---80 22 ²
Peter SherwinStone Sailing Club183914----80 23 ²
Kevin EllisShanklin Sailing Club1944-15---81 25 ²
George LoveCarsington Sailing Club201915----81 26 ²
James PikeShanklin Sailing Club1957-16---8227
Ian WilkinsonShanklin Sailing Club1947-17---8328
John ShentonShanklin Sailing Club1956-18---8429
Karl NaumannShanklin Sailing Club194-19---8530
Jamie LavenderYaverland Sailing and Boat Club1348-20---8631
Pascoal FernandesShanklin Sailing Club1866-21---8732
Andrew DeanShanklin Sailing Club1347-22---8833
Bob MarksShanklin Sailing Club1960-23---8934
Richard PhelpsShanklin Sailing Club1728-24---9035
Lewis CouchShanklin Sailing Club1739-25---9136
Todd MurrantShanklin Sailing Club1357-26---9237
Geoff LeatherShanklin Sailing Club1921-27---9338
Jerry RobertsonShanklin Sailing Club1781-28---9439