Summer Series 2017 Results


The results presented below are provisional and should just be taken as a guide to your current placing

PAR Scores: Are a unique concept in the Sprint 15 fleet. These are lower than the usual DNC (series entrants + 1) for the series and are currently assigned by the Events Secretary, however a means of calculating PAR is being worked on, the proposed formula is: max number of entrants in the largest event + 5. For Handicap points the PAR of the UNA format is used regardless of the mode sailed. Sport mode fleet points have their own PAR score the current PAR used by the system are displayed below, these have been automatically calculated for the series using the above formula

-PAR Score for this Handicap Series is: 33 pts
Competitors Qualified for the Series - Prizes are only awarded to Qualified Competitors
Number of Events To Qualify: 3
Competitors with a Tie Break

RYA\ISAF Rules A8.1 & 2 are being used for tiebreaks

Ties Broken by A8.1 are indicated by ¹
Ties Broken by A8.2 are indicated by ²

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Handicap results
CompetitorsEventBest 3 Results
NameClubSailMarconi Sailing Club TTSeasalter Sailing Club TTDraycote Water Sailing Club TTNewhaven & Seaford Sailing Club TTGrafham Water Sailing Club TTPointsPlace
Paul GrattageEast Down Yacht Club2018211--41
Liam ThomShanklin Sailing Club19571322-52
Chris TillyerThorpe Bay Yacht Club195318661293
Jenny BallMarconi Sailing Club191755433104
Ed Tuite DaltonDraycote Water Sailing Club194011254-115
Jon PearseMarconi Sailing Club19882010856196
Eamonn BrowneMarconi Sailing Club1861-1499-327
Erling HolmbergShanklin Sailing Club12111313-8-348
David BallMarconi Sailing Club19234---4419
Nigel JamesMarconi Sailing Club175921-1113-4510
Peter RichardsonMarconi Sailing Club198310--6-4911
Steve HealyThorpe Bay Yacht Club192199---5112
Yvonne PikeShanklin Sailing Club1220--1210-5513
Donald SloanBrightlingsea Sailing Club124017---75714
David GroomChristchurch Sailing Club1714198---6015
David WarnockRYA2008--1514-6216
Robert FinchStewartby Water Sports Club1990257---6517
Thomas SandalGrafham Water Sailing Club1982----16718
Stuart SnellGrafham Water Sailing Club2022--3--69 19 ²
George LoveCarsington Sailing Club20193----69 20 ²
Kevin DutchSeasalter Sailing Club1938-4---7021
Kevin CummersonGrafham Water Sailing Club1582----571 22 ¹
Bill HurrDraycote Water Sailing Club173624-14--71 23 ¹
Jim BowieThorpe Bay Yacht Club20216----7224
Gordon GoldstoneQueen Mary Sailing Club2004---7-73 25 ²
Peter SlaterDraycote Water Sailing Club1940--7--73 26 ²
Andy WebbHarwich Town Sailing Club18797----73 27 ²
Simon RousRYA1263-22-18-73 28 ¹
Christian MashGrafham Water Sailing Club1939----874 29 ²
Kevin KirbyMarconi Sailing Club17768----74 30 ²
David RoweDraycote Water Sailing Club378--10--7631
Jamie LynchNewhaven & Seaford Sailing Club1216---11-77 32 ²
Jon FinchStewartby Water Sports Club1890-11---77 33 ²
Charles HumphriesNewhaven & Seaford Sailing Club1330---12-78 34 ²
Rob BaileyThorpe Bay Yacht Club1755-12---78 35 ²
Andrew DowleyMarconi Sailing Club141012----78 36 ²
Jan ElfringDraycote Water Sailing Club1913--13--7937
Kevin DowleyMarconi Sailing Club196514----8038
Howard MintoNewhaven & Seaford Sailing Club1294---15-81 39 ²
David OakleySeasalter Sailing Club923-15---81 40 ²
Andy PerksMarconi Sailing Club142815----81 41 ²
Mike GodwinNewhaven & Seaford Sailing Club1919---16-82 42 ²
Derek JamesDraycote Water Sailing Club1744--16--82 43 ²
John BainbridgeSeasalter Sailing Club1742-16---82 44 ²
Geoff TindaleStone Sailing Club193316----82 45 ²
Terry JonesNewhaven & Seaford Sailing Club330---17-83 46 ²
Phil TaylorDraycote Water Sailing Club1426--17--83 47 ²
Steve RobertsDee Sailing Club1910-17---83 48 ²
Stephen PellDraycote Water Sailing Club1700--18--84 49 ²
Rob SmithSeasalter Sailing Club1978-18---84 50 ²
Simon BallDraycote Water Sailing Club1519--19--85 51 ²
Paul ShieldsSeasalter Sailing Club1644-19---85 52 ²
Roger BakerIsle of Sheppy Sailing Club1406-20---8653
Jane BainbridgeSeasalter Sailing Club1206-21---8754
Dave ClarkeMarconi Sailing Club152122----8855
Alex BettsSeasalter Sailing Club585-23---89 56 ²
Jason ClarkeMarconi Sailing Club133923----89 57 ²
Robert WilsonStone Sailing Club196626----9258
Anthony BaileyMarconi Sailing Club187227----9359
Gerry WainwrightStone Sailing Club182128----9460
Keith ChidwickQueen Mary Sailing Club184029----9561